The Canned Critter Story...

It all started 28 years ago with the idea of putting plush animals in a can. The work began with designing the plush animals, then creating the labels and sourcing manufacturers of plush and cans. We were already in the plush business so designing the plush animals for the cans was challenging but routine for us. Much of our effort was focused on producing the art and text to be included on the labels. Finding the right balance between humor, fun and education was the key.

After many months of creative work, testing and designing, the initial line of Canned Critters was hatched. Canned Moose, Canned Black Bear and Canned Beaver. They quickly become very popular.

When the Canned Critter labels were created, part of the humor included a statement on each can saying “limited edition of 1 or 8 or 9 million”. Two years ago the 10 millionth Canned Critter was sold.

Today we continue to produce the original Canned Critters and add new ones every year. Helping to spread the word about our wildlife friends as a new generation discovers Canned Critters.

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