What's a Canned Critter!?!

What is a Canned Critter?

Often we are asked: what do you do? Our typical answer is: we design, manufacture and distribute Canned Critters. The next question is usually: what is a Canned Critter? We typically answer: it is 6” cuddly plush animal sealed in a can.

What is a Canned Critter? Sealing a plush animal in a can is indeed a novel idea. Add an artistic and realistic rendition of each animal on the can label and educational facts on the back of the can, makes the Canned Critters fun and educational. Chances are if you have a Canned Critter, it will live in the can on a your shelf or desk for years. Everybody who sees it will love it and gain more insight and respect for our wildlife friends.

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