Over the years we have received hundreds if not thousands of questions and comments about our Canned Critters. We have highlighted below the most delightful and funniest ones below:


(1)       How do you open the can?

            With a can opener! We receive this question a lot.

(2)       You guys eat this stuff?

            This question is asked more than you could imagine.

(3)       How do you get the Critters in the can?

            We stuff them!

(4)       I received my first Canned Critter when I was five. I just bought my daughter her first of many!

            A second generation learning about our wildlife neighbors!

(5)       Is that dog food?

            Dogs like to play with the plush critters, but they don’t eat them! Except puppies!

(6)       Do you have a canned crab? My wife has been in a bad mood lately.

            Life goes on!

(7)       I bought a Canned Critter for a friend and they were very pleased with it. The moose is very cute and now lives in the can on their desk.


More to come….

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