Surviving the digitial age

The Canned Critters were first introduced to the market in the late 1980’s. They proved to be very popular and sales boomed through the 1990’s. The producted proved to be a great gift for both adults and kids. However sales started to decline in the late 1990’s as the tech boom started to impact the children’s toy market. Rather than playing with stuff toys kids were playing with computers. Before the tech boom kids appreciated stuffies up until 7 or 8 maybe even 10 years of age.

In today’s world, by the time a child is 5 years old the stuffies are replaced by computers.

We persisted and continued to sell Canned Critters and we are happy to report that the trend has come full circle. In today’s busy world, the Canned Critters are a simple gift for adults. Kids still have the iphones and computers but it would appear that today’s parents are in search of and have rediscovered the simple things in life, such as a Canned Critter.

The Canned Critters continue to prosper in today’s market, continuing to spread the word about our wild life friends one can at a time.

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