Canned Manatee
6" Canned Manatee - Canned Critters

6" Canned Manatee

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Include a custom message inside your Canned Critter! Add a "Happy Birthday", "I love you", or any other custom message! The card will appear inside the can, at the top of the can.
Include your photograph or artwork INSIDE the can!

Photograph will be cropped to a 2.25" circle to fit inside the can

MANATEE: Trichechus 

The Manatee, also known as a sea cow, is a migratory species residing in the southern United States, primarily in Florida. Manatees are also found in parts of Africa, South America and Central America. Manatees weigh on average 880 to 1,210 lbs (400 - 550 kg). They have an average length of 9.2 to 9.8’ (2.8 - 3 m). Manatees can be identified by their large, flexible upper lip that they use for gathering food as well as social interactions.
Manatees are generally solitary mammals except for when females are raising their young calves. Manatees emit a wide range of sounds used in communication, especially between cows and their calves. Manatees are slow moving herbivores and spend most of their lives eating, sleeping, and travelling. Half of a manatee’s day can be spent sleeping! The rest of the time manatees graze in shallow waters around 3’ to 6.5’ (1 - 2 m) deep. Manatees are able to eat 10 to 15% of their body weight in plants daily.