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6" Canned Mountain Goat

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MOUNTAIN GOATS: Oreamnos americanus

Mountain goats, also known as Rocky Mountain goats, are found only in North America. These large hoofed mammals are often seen climbing steep cliffs in search of food. Their extraordinary climbing skills also allow them to stay a safe distance from predators. Mountain goats are found predominantly in British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, Idaho, Montana and into southeastern Alaska and southern Yukon. There are smaller populations also found in other western and southwestern states.
Mountain goats are herbivores, usually grazing on various ferns, grasses, herbs, mosses, lichens and leaves. They are protected from cold winters by their white, woolly double coats. In the Spring the goats will rub against rocks and trees to help shed some of their thick fur. This process of loosing their winter layer is known as molting.